Audiobook Problem

I bought an audio book that apparently had an audio problem. When I got to a certain place in the book my Fuze shut down and I couldn’t restart it until I charged it. After I charged it, I restarted the book and it did the same thing. Now there is a serious problem with the device: it won’t turn on and the computer absolutely won’t recognise the device when I plug it in. Has anybody seen this problem? and can someone tell me what the problem is?  

First, reset your Fuze by sliding the power switch to the ON position, and hold it in this position for 10 seconds.  Release the switch, and then try powering up as usual.

This is a soft reset.

It’s possible that there is a corruption in the audiobook file that is causing the Fuze to freeze.  Try deleting the file from the Fuze using the delete command from the bottom submenu key.  Reload the file from your computer and see if it plays normally.

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Hey, thanks man. That’s what I needed. I have been driving tractor for most of every day and its really irritating when the device shuts down in the middle of the day. 

I called and reported my problem, so they gave me a new download. The new one works good.

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