AudioBook Player FM Transmitter

I just started listening to audiobooks in the car. The car only has a radio, with no tape, cd, usb, or auxillary inputs. For the last book, i bought a cheap player on Amazon which got me through LoTR and died just as i started the appendix. Guess its life was tied to the ring after all. The method i used: split the files into 200 second increments. This meant i did not have to listen to too much after i got to my destination to fisnish the file. This worked though it was cumbersome. I would like a better solution.

Finding an mp3 player/fm transmitter that remebers the last position seems well nigh impossible. So, the next best route would seem to be to purchase those two items separately. That is, an mp3 player and an fm transmitter. Of course, the mp3 player would need to remeber the last position for this to be worth it, and the bundle should not break the bank.

Sandisk came up in my search and i know from others that Sandisk has some decent players. I see a few different models, that’s good, but i did not see a simple comparison table of features and cost. That was when i came to these forums to ask for help from the experts here, should they be so kind.

Are sandisk players good for audiobooks? That is, can they easily (and automagically) remember the last positon. And, is there a good fm transmitter for it in the car? Does anyone have such a setup, and if i may ask, how much did the getup cost?

Sandisk have been proven to be used in Audiobooks. I’d say that you go for it. 

Thanx for the reply.

In the meanwhile, i purchased a cheap car radio which works well.