Audiobook playback problems - combines tracks from different folders?!

Hi folks, I picked up a Clip Sport to replace an old Zen Mosaic, which has relatively little memory, but I’ve encountered a problem.

I’ve got an audiobook - Alan Partridge autobioggraphy - which was ripped from 5 cds…so it’s saved as five albums, called’xxx_CD1’, ‘xxxx_CD2’ etc etc.

However, when I saved the folders onto the mp3 player, it somehow combines them into a single folder, so if playing in order it plays track 1 from CD1, then track 1 from CD2 etc etc.

Can anyone explain this? - it wasn’t a problem on my old player…don’t know if my album name is too long …it’s I, Partridge. We Need To Talk About Alan_CD2’ etc…so if it didn’t read the very end it could perhaps combine them…

Oh, and why on earth is there no ‘genres’ option?!

Your audiobook files were not combined. The player does not distinguish albums and audio files that do not have specific unique text within the first 16 characters (?)

Here are a few ideas for you to try using an mp3 file tag editor program (such as mp3tag).

  1. For each audiobook try to define a specific name for the “album field” such as “Alan P-CD01” for all the chapter files from CD01. Then use “Alan P-CD02” for the “album field” for all the chapter files from CD02. etc

        (Try to use the most specific information within the first 16 characters.)

  1. For each chapter file, try this idea for the “title field”: CD01-Chapt 01, CD01-Chapt 02,  etc

  2. For each chapter file set the “track number field” to match the 2-digit chapter number: 01, 02, 03

        (Always use 2-digit numbering. Restart the 2-digit numbering at 01 for each successive CD.)

The Clip Sport and Jam do not recognize data in the Genre field.  You could try to define specialized Playlists for this challenge.

Thanks for that