Audiobook performance

I’m considering a Fuze mainly for listening to audiobooks from Audible. I have past experience with a Sansa m240 mp3 player. That device had the annoying habit that it would jump ahead about 60 seconds in the book everytime playback was started when the device was first turned on (you could pause during play and it restarted fine).

I’m wondering if the Fuze has an issue like this.

I’m considering the Fuze because my current device does not appear to work with AudibleManager under Windows 7 (64-bit). The device is seen by the computer, but AudibleManager reports the device is not Audible ready (even though it’s been used for 3 years). The Sansa m240 does appear to function under Windows 7 (64-bit).

Any comments on or experience with the device would be appreciated.

I haven’t used audible, but I have used the audiobook feature.  Just tried an audiobook.  Turned it off at 3:39 left on the “book” without pausing.  Turned the Fuze on, back at 3:39 and started from there.