Audio Quality is HORRIBLE!!! on m240

I just got an M240, it has the lastest 3.x.x firmware update.

I transferred a bunch of songs onto it, both through media player, and directly through explorer.  Either way the songs sound crappy.  Hard to explain really, basically sounds like when you get an MP3 that is messed up, just a distorted kind of sound.

The songs sound fine on my computer, and even when i copy the song back from the m240 to my desktop the song sounds fine on the computer.  Already reformatted it.  Any suggestions???

Just an update. 1. I have tried other headphones, still same thing 2. I tried other songs, and songs that i directly ripped from retail CDs at 320 kbps. The ripped song was better and at first sounded perfectly fine. I then realized the instruments and beats all sounded fine, but the actual lyrics “singing” was so low it is basically in audible. 3. Tried all the different EQs no help. Tried the custom, changing every thing up and down, still no help??

I had a situation where the songs sounded distorted.  Even though the battery indicator said I had lots of battery power left, I changed the batteries anyway and it fixed the problem.  Hope this helps. Marsha