Audio CD to e260

How do I get a speech I recorded myself (audio CD) onto the e260?

Computers available are Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You have to ‘rip’ it (convert) to a format playable by the player as with any other CD. Windows Media Player will do it for you. Set the rip settings to .mp3 format to avoid any confusion with DRM (Digital Rights Malarchy) and .wma format.

After ripping, set your player to MSC mode, connect to your computer and simply drag & drop the converted file from where it is saved to your player. One thing though . . . your player is going to be looking for an ID3 tag from which it will get the info about the file(s); Artist, Album, Track #, Track Name, Genre, etc. When connected to the internet while ripping a commercial CD, WMP will look up this information from an on-line database and create these tags for you.

You won’t have this convenience when ripping a ‘homemade’ CD though, so you’ll have to tag them yourself. A good utility for this is MP3Tag. Set the ‘Write’ settings to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 in the Tools menu, open up your files, edit them as necessary and hit the Save icon. Now your player will display whatever title, etc. you gave the files when you’re searching for or playing them.

Thank you, Tapeworm, for your response. I haven’t been fully successful yet, but I think I’m getting close. In fact, I’m pretty certain I’ve got the CD onto the e260, but I can’t find it. My brother-in-law gave the unit to my wife after he’d loaded it (about 95% of the memory) with songs.

How do I direct a new file to some place where I can find it? I understand folders and files, but libraries and playlists leave me totally confused.

Forgot to mention: After sending the file to the e260, the display presents “writing.” This continued for about an hour and then the message changed to “disconnected.” This is why I said that I “think” the CD file is on the device. It certainly appeared that the computer was writing to the e260, but all this “writing” nonsense afterwards makes me doubtful.

What’s screwed up and how do I fix it?

As I said before, your player is looking for the information contained within the ID3 tag of the file. It does not see or display folders or file names. You’ll have to create an ID3 tag for your homemade recording.

For now, look to see if you have an ‘Unknown’ listing. That is how the Sansa players files anything on it it cannot read. Your recording files, if properly transferred are probably there. Although, if what you say is true that it took a hour to write to the device, I doubt that they are there (or playable). It should only take a few minutes. Even if you were loading up the entire 4GB of memory space, it shouldn’t take that long.

Did you rip/convert the files on the CD to .mp3 format first?

Yes, I am using an .mp3 file. When I use the computer to look at the e260 files, I find a folder titled “Sermons” under “Music.” Within that folder, I find the .mp3 I need. I can then play it on the computer.

But, if I disconnect the e260 from the computer, I cannot find the “Sermons” folder.

I have downloaded the mp3tag software.

How do I make the folder and file visible?

I appreciate your continued help.