Audio bugs to be fixed

Hello all,

I have the Sansa e280 and I noticed the following bugs/irritations in it. I just want to bring them up so that you can push Sandisk to fix them in the next firmware update:

  1. While listening to a song, if I set the volume to level ‘1’ then I go to the next or previous song, I lose the audio. To get the audio back, I have to increase the volume for each new song. In other words, I can’t set the volume to level ‘1’ then skip to other songs.

  2. When I set the volume to a certain level and then turn the device Off,  the next time I turn it On I lose the volume level that I have previously set. The Sansa does not retain the last volume level set before switched to Off.

  3. If I set the volume to level ‘0’ then back to level ‘1’ no audio is heard. I have to set it to level ‘2’ in order to get back the audio.

  4. When I set the volume level to ‘1’, which is the minimum I could go at, the audio level is still loud. This is especially true in a quite environment.




Same problem with my e280, level 1 works for one audio file and the next audio file is silent. It would be nice to have more levels for the audio, as level 1 can still be quite loud. I am considering buying headphones with volume control to deal with the issue.

Search function could be improved. When you are dealing with a song, it is fine not to be able to scan through very fast, but when it is a podcast, it is quite annoying. Search function could be configured and was much faster on my old i-River. I find that list of settings is quite limited on the sansa compared to the i-river.

Finally, the sleep timer function would be great.

I understand that there is an alternative firmware (Rockbox) that adds most of these functions, but I am not too sure about problems that can be encountered. Has anybody done the move?

Thank you,


I did install Rockbox to my e200r. I have not run into any issues.