Audio Books sorted by Title.

All of my scriptures and half of the classic audio books I download for free do not play in the correct order on the Fuse+.  I loaded the Book of Mormon.  It does not play the introduction section first.  The first file is 1Nephi chapter 1.  The next is not 1Nephi chapter 2.  It is chapter 10.   The same issues are seen in The Old Testament.    If I load the first few books I get Deuteronomy and Exodus before Genesis.  Also I get chapters 1, 10, and 19, before 2, 3, and 4.     

The fuse+ seems to sort podcast/audio books by the title.  If the same books are moved to the music section of the fuse+ they all play in order.  Maybe this section uses the file name or the file number.,18692,5297-62,00.html  is place to get some test files.

The old fuse does not have this problem.  I would suggest copying the same files to each player.  The Old Testament has 1,003 files. 

It would be nice if you could hold the down arrow for 3 seconds and have the player jump 20 files per second for the first 10 seconds,  and 50 records a second from there on out.

Moving this request to “Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread”.

This problem resolved by moving audio book files into Fuse+ using Windows Media Player into the music section.  Then use Windows Explore to move the file from the music section to the Podcast section.   You will not seen the titles any more but the files will play in a reasonable order.

If the file is already on the player you can move it to the music section and back to the podcast.  This should also fix this sorting problem.

I have yet to test it, but in any case this is called a workaround, not a solution. A solution would be to fix the broken firmware.

I agree this is just a work around.  

I have not every seen an audio book that did not have the file names in perfect order for sorting.  Do anyone know where I can download an audio book  with illogical filenames for free?

Just in case some do not know, the fine name is not what you see in Windows Media Player.  That is the title.  The file name is the first thing you see in Windows Explore.  The file name most often have the album name,  play order number (with leading zeros,) and title in it.  I have seen nearly half of the audio book with no tag number at all in the tag section. 

With that I repeat my question, do anyone know where I can download an audio book  with illogical filenames for free?

With that I repeat my question, do anyone know where I can download an audio book  with illogical filenames for free?

To be honest I have seen such things, I couldn’t point you to a download, but in those cases consistently the filename is identical to the title tag, and it is the track tag that you have to go by for the order.

The first thing I always do is update the file names to precede them with track number from mp3tag, and than since fuze+ does not manage natural number sorting I redo the track numbers with leadig zeros.

I thought the Fuse+ resorted the file by file name after you moved the file from music to podcast.  I was wrong. It replace the title with the file name.  This is why every book I have downloaded in the past 5 months have played perfectly after I have moved them around.  I looked at one of the books I moved and the titles exactly the same as the file name.  We have the perfect lazy title fixer in the player.  This is why I am pretty sure the books with bad file names is a mythical creature. 

If the Fuse+ sorted audiobooks/ podcast by  file by file name and displayed the title, every file I own would play perfectly and the title would not have to be fixed to play.  I have noticed 80% of my books have titles that play ok now.  It was the 20% that was causing 80% of my sorting grief.

I have seen a player that sorts MP3 files by file name and displays the title.  It is the Fuse+.  It is in the music section.  How much effort you think it would take the apply this logic to the book section on the next firmware updated?

I have also discovered an easiest way to get my files to show up in the podcast section without having to move them.  I changed the genre of all of my books to podcast.  This causes my book to reside in the music folder and play in podcast menu.  The greater plus to this is that 80% of the books I load using WMP(Windows Media Player) play in order and the creative titles do not have to be erased or touched.    When I want to see all the books on my player I look in the podcast genre using WMP.  If the tiles are not perfect I have to move it around and let the person reading the book tell me the titles.  

I am still seriously hoping someone will take me up on looking at the album section for the design of the next audiobook section.  As I have stated in “Audiobook in Album View”, the section design is ideal.  I do agree that it would nice to keep music and audiobook is separate menus.  Once the audiobook sections is reworked the podcasts will have their own sections.  The first layer of the new audiobook section would be identical to the the podcast section. The next layer is where the magic  happens.  

Please, please, please, someone look at album section and comment , please.