Audio Books - MP3 Format - do you need to make a playlist?

I am new to the Clip. I have many books in MP3 format - do I just drag the each book with it various folders (may have been on  several CD’s) into the Audio book folder and do I need to make Playlists.

Thanks in advance for help.

it depends on the format of the audiobook, i’ve had some books not play correctly, especially if they don’t have the track#s filled in. Usually you just drag the whole audiobook folder to “audiobooks” directory on the player and hope for the best, if it doesn’t work check that the id3 tags are filled in properly. “Tag and rename” is a great util that makes id3 changing/adding track #s easy…

If there are no tags at all and you don’t want to bother with things, just make a m3u playlist in the order that you want and add the audiobook to ‘music’, then play the playlist.