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I would like to use my SanDisk for my Audio Books.  I am clueless as to how I would do this.  How do I transfer the CD’s to an MP format, How would I group all the CD’s for the San Disk to play as on program, how do I add them to the SanDisk?

I read on c net that the san disk was considered one of the best for audio books, especially for the price.  But I have never found any instructions how to include audio books in the San Disk.??

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Clip can play .mp3, .wma, .flac, .ogg and the Audible files. If the books on your CDs are already in any of these formats, just copy them to the Audiobooks folder of your Clip with a standard file manager. If they aren’t, you would need to convert them using a 3rd party tool first.

You didn’t mention your operating system or the formats, but there are free tools for any if you google. You might want to check these tools in any case, as it is worth to convert audiobooks to lower bitrate to save space. Speech in mp3 format at 32kbps usually sounds ok and makes a very small file.

Unless you’re browsing your Clip in the folders mode, the files are identified and grouped by metadata called an ID3 tag, not the filename. ID3 tag is the text describing the title, author, genre and so on that you could store within an audiofile. You can edit it like this or using a stand-alone editor, like Mp3tag (Win). Some audio players like foobar (Win) are especially convenient for batch-tweaking these and more, but there is a learning curve.

It is worth to set the ID3 genre tag to «Audiobooks» to make Cip treat it like ones regardless of where you put them.

The folder structure could be anything you want, I use: Audiobooks/Author/Book/files.

If you select the Music > Audiobooks from the main menu, you would see the list of your books grouped by titles as per their ID3 tags, regardless of the folder structure. If you have a lot of books, or have some with the same title (like «Novels») you might want to browse via Music > Folders instead. Automatic bookmarking and resume will still work.

P.S. You might want to check and search the Clip knowledge base and FAQ to familiarize yourself with the device.

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Thank you for your help and direction. 

You are appreciated greatly.