Audio book playback

Thanks to the help of this board, I’ve finally been able to transfer audio books to my Sansa 2GB (FW: 1.30A) - now I have the problem that when I go to the Audio Book Folder and select the book …it is in ‘pause’ mode’. …  When I press ‘play’ it changes to play mode for a moment then goes back to pause mode.  On the very top of the display shows 1/1 next to the battery symbol… I’ve formated my devise with no luck. 

Any suggestions ?  I’m soooo close… :>)

You need to use WMP11 to transfer the tracks and set your device to MTP mode.

Your symptom indicates the license is not transferred.

It was a license issue.  My local library, where I down load the audio books from, has two versions of each book.  A  FM quality file and a much larger CD quality file for down loads.  The FM quality can be used on a laptop with no problems, but only the CD quality files have the necessary ‘hooks’ to transfer the licensing material to a portable device. 

Thanks for the help…