Audio becomes destorted on sansa clip plus

Hi, whenever I touch the headphone cable near the insertion point the audio stops completely or partially.  It also sometimes only plays in one ear.  I have tried the headphones on another Mp3 player and it’s been fine.  Any suggestions?


This problem occured to me with my oldest iPod Nano after repeated unplugging and replugging headphones into the mini audio connector socket.

     I could improve the internal connection by pushing a small wad of petroleum jelly into the audio socket. 

     If this works for you, try to leave the headphones connected.  Maybe rotate a bit to find a sweet spot (?)

Best Wishes

The handy people sorts ;)  have opened the player up and repaired a faulty headphone connection.


I haven’t had this issue and so don’t have a particular guide in mind.  But you might try some Internet searches–here’s a search below along with a Youtube and Cnet hit (note the reference to using conductive glue rather than having to solder).  The SanDisk Clip user forum also is a great source for some searching.

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