Audible Manager doesn't recognize my (new) View: Not on list of recognized players.

I lost my first Sansa View and replaced it with a refurbished model.  I had my first one loaded with Audible files.  I also have a Sansa Fuze, also loaded with Audible books, but it is acting up.  Audible refuses to recognize the new View.  I remember having to put my old model in MPT mode or something to get it to work on Audible.  Does anyone know how to get the View to work with Audible?  OS is XP sp 3.  BTW, I refuse to put WMP 10++ on my computer, so that is not part of the plan.

Switch your View’s USB mode setting to MTP.

You refuse to install WMP 10 on your computer?  All you need it for is MTP protocols.  The Audible client allows three devices per account.  The key is to deauthorize the dead device (they can do this for you at Audible- call their customer support), then authorize the new device.

Have you updated the Audible Manager and installed the SanDisk Digital Players plugin?

Audible should work in either MSC or MTP mode, but for the View, MTP is the mode of choice- it’s optimal in this mode.  You can try installing the MTP Porting Kit from Microsoft.

Then again, why not update that kludgy early WiMP 9?  You don’t have to use the player, the protocol operates in the background.  WiMP11 is much smoother than 9.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: