Audible files

My new toyota Hilux has a USB connection, and when i plugged in my Sanza Fuze, it saw it right away, and it works well with music, all aspects. It can’t seem to see audible files, which i believe are .aa files. Can anything be done? I have an aux with a straight through plug in, but of course, that uses the Sansa controls, and does not charge

Anybody any thoughts?


Nothing can be done.

The point of DRM’ed formats like audible is to prevent you from copying music over digital interfaces like USB.

That makes sense, I guess, from their point of view. Thanks for explaining


Just an additional point - if your car stereo also has an AUX-IN headphone jack that would work since the “licensed portable device” is actually playing the files.  I listen to protected audiobooks in the car all the time using the AUX-IN. 

I appreciate the comments on this.  I never gave much thought to this not-so-subtle difference between AUX-IN and USB interface car stereo interfaces.  Thanks!

I use a plug in(into my lighter) USB charger and then use the aux input. Not the best solution but you could listen to your books and still charge your Sansa.

Yes, both sound points!

My latest Audible issue is, my replacement Fuze did not have a “last played” feature, where your default is to start listening where you left off. so I updated the firmware, and that cured that, but now the High Volume feature has vanished, plus the little tranmitter to car radio thingy I use in my other vehicle keeps cutting out. Any views on those?

Change the region to US.  Theres like a million threads on this, some of which are currently on the front page of the forum.

Thanks a lot!

All Audible audiobooks are encoded in the format of AA and AAX protected by digital right management (DRM). Therefore, Audible’s content is only accessible through special proprietary closed software, including unauthorized-playback prevention by means of an Amazon user name and password. However, we could remove DRM protection from Audible audiobooks and convert AAX to MP3 by virtue of Audible audiobook converter. I really recommend TunesKit Audible Audiobook Converter for you.

You can check this one to see how to listen to Audible audiobooks on Sandisk. I have always used this method to load my audiobooks from Audible to Sandisk player. Hope it can help.


Recommend you try this dedicated audio converter for audiobook to remove the DRM protection and convert audible files to MP3, WAV, AAC or other common audio files with lossless quality, so you can then easily play them on your Sandisk MP3 player at any time anywhere.