Audible: Failed to set Activation data to device

If you get the error message when activating the Clip Sport then you probably have windows 7 and you need to change the assigned disk drive letter of the micro sd card slot to a higher letter than the internal memory of the sport clip.  For instance windows seven assigned the sd slot as drive G and the internal memory as drive H.  I had to change the sd card drive letter to drive I and I was able to see clip sport in adible manager and activate it.  To change the drive letter then go t windows 7 start and type in diskmgmt.msc and next to the clip drive you will see an assigned letter for the sd card slot.  Right click on it and select change drive letter.  Thanks Audible support for that help.


It just confused me why they can’t go in sync. Like assigning same drive letters. So everything would be good to go upon plugin. 

I was also getting this error and was unable to activate my new SanDisk Clip Sport with Audible Manager until I put in a microSDHC. Hope this helps someone else :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this I finally got my clip activated.

Thanks, thanks, many thanks!!!

:smiley:Your advice and clear instructions ‘airsurfer’ worked, and Audible recognized the damned thing.  We just about chucked the whole thing in the trash. Sandisk should be providing instructions for this. Their manual does not help here. 

Good job airsurfer!

Thank you very much.

I have just had the same problem, and in the end Audible support (manipulating my computer remotely - scary) changed the drive letter of the SanDisk MP3 player (Clip Sport) to B (rather than I as suggested by others). Touch wood, it has worked.

Great fix.  Thank you for the help!