audible covers shown striped

It seems since the update to the latest firmware the audible covers will not shown correctly. The book covers will shown striped. The book covers will shown as black and more or less white lines only. May an:cry:ybody have an idea why.

Check your album art for music.  Are these images displaying properly?

Next, transfer a song to the Fuze, and see if the album art displays correctly.

You can try retransferring your Audible book to the Fuze in hopes that it was simply a glitch in the transfer.  If the problem is isolated to Audible books, perhaps the Audible Manager has an issue (you can easily reinstall that if desired, without affecting your books).

Let us know the results!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hi Bob. Only audible books are affected. I checked with some music files and it worked. Embedded covers and album art files in the directories everything works fine. I did some more checks to find out some more details. I did a try with some more audible files. The strange thing is that sometimes if i started a new audible book the cover was displayed correct. But that was only for a short moment. If I switched of/on my sansa and then I was continuing with that book the cover gots worse. In the end I had the same strange picture with stripes black and colored. I reinstalled all the audible files on the sansa without success. I copied the files with the explorer direct on the fuze without using the audible manager or any other tool like media player e.g. ( I prefer the “old” file transfer :slight_smile: ) So I don’t think that it is related to the audible manager. Really strange …