Audible Books Go Where You left off ?

When listening to an audible book, does the fuze have a feature to stop and return to the place you left off in the book ???

On all audiobooks…mp3 or audio, the Fuze will give you the option to resume where you left off or to start from the beginning each time you open the file.

if it doesn’t seem to do that, press the “pause/stop” on the wheel and when you come back it will say to resume or start from beginning.  I do that when I’m just about done with a chapter, in case I forget which chapter I left on on, then when I resume, it goes to the end and I go to the next chapter.

Yes it just did that…Yea !!!

I find it helps to join all the mp3 files together into one file. The Fuze seems to forget the last played file of a multi-file audiobook if you do something like play a regular music mp3 or something. If the entire book is all in one file the resume feature works great.

How do you join the files together?

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How do you join the files together?
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There are many programs that will perform this task. I use MP3 Splitter & Joiner. Blaze Media Pro will do the same. These programs are not free, but if you Google mp3 joiner freeware, you can search for free software.

You can also use Audacity (free) available here. Another good thing to use it for . . .

You know how some songs run into the next? This was common ‘back in the day’ when people would listen to a vinyl LP start to finish, then flip it over and do the same thing. This ‘blending’ of tracks (not really cross-fading) was not a big issue then but as these old recordings are re-mastered and re-recorded onto CDs now, and subsequently ripped & put onto mp3 players, it makes for some rude starts and abrupt endings, especially when the shuffle mode is used. Try listening to “Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon” out of track order. Not Cool.

I’ve used Audacity to apply Fade-Out & Fade-In to some of these tracks. Also useful on “live” albums. Cut-out (delete) the 10 seconds or so of applause at the beginning or ending of a song, then apply the fade-in or fade-out. Makes it much smoother.

Ther are a lot of different features, functions, tricks & manipulations you can do with Audacity. These are just a few.

Or you can hit the Home button, go to record, don’t save the record. Then when you go into the Music menu, there should be a Play Previous in the menu. That should get you back to where you were. Also works with Video and FM Radio.

where is a good place to get audio book for free or cheap?

Believe it or not, your local public library may offer audio books.

Check out Overdrive and NetLibrary on Google for details.

Books are great on these machines!

I like for my audio book fix.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I think the public library is an often over-looked and un-tapped resource! Not only can you d/l audio books and music on-line, but depending on your area and the libraries in it, you can ‘borrow’ CDs to take home & listen to. “Oops, did I have Windows Media Player set to ‘rip’? Naughty me.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Where I live I have probably 3-5 good size libraries within a 15 minute drive, and they’re all part of the county library system. So 1 little library card gets me access to several caches of CD’s to peruse and ‘listen to’ at my leisure. I can check out up to 10 at a time. Most of the cases are trashed and some of the CD’s are scratched, but as a CD is read by a laser beam instead of the old stylus in the vinyl groove, scratches are merely cosmetic and usually don’t affect the play quality. Selection, of course varies as these are all donated to the libraries, but depending on what you’re looking for, you certainly can’t beat the price!

Oh, and the library nearest me also has Audio books on CD’s (did I hear WMP starting up again?) as well has a decent selection of DVD’s. Sweet! Certainly you won’t find the latest releases there, but older stuff? A virtual gold mine and it’s all

FREE . . . FREE . . . FREE !


That’s a good idea Tapeworm. I should do that, too. Hehehe!

Iron Man is already available in our libraries in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats!! Quick, yes?