Audible bookmarking

Hi all,

Just got a new 4gb Clip Zip, installed the new FW, authorized the device and computer, and after initial frustration trying to directly copy Audible titles (didn’t work, a permission error) I got it to work using Windows Media Player. Import to the player, drag to a new list on the right and synch with the ClipZip. A little tedious but it works so that’s good.

Listened to an hour or so of the book, then plugged it back into the pc to re-charge and while I’m at it, copy and paste some music to the Music folder using Explorer. 

I coulndn’t resume the book directly, the player got busy reorganizing the new content, so I navigated back only to be placed at the begininning of the title, the bookmark (if it was ever there) was apparently just gone.

I’m really hoping  this is user error. What did I do wrong?


I could be wrong, but I believe all bookmarks are erased/reset when the device is plugged nto a computer and a data connection is made.

Thanks for your reply Tapeworm.  Did a little playing, here’s what’s happening regarding Audible title bookmarks:

  • if you switch to something in your Music area then navigate back to the audiobook you were on,  the player asks if you would like to Resume or Play from Start - nice!

  • if you lock it (I let it sleep but that might not be necessary), plug it in to the PC but don’t copy or sync anything then remove, the player will be in the same position it was when you locked it, thus preserving the bookmark. So you can charge without losing your place

  • if you don’t lock it, just plug it in, you can copy new content to the Music folder and when you unplug the player will again ask if you want to Resume or play from start

So, I’m HAPPILY unable to duplicate the bookmark loss. It’s possible I reset it somehow although turning it on and off normally still doesn’t lose your place. It’s also possible that syncing new Audible titles will cause the bookmark loss but that’s not something I’d normally do anyway until I’m finished with one I’m listening to.

So there it is, it appears to work just fine with normal charging and adding of other content. YAY :slight_smile: