Audible book title length

My Sansa Clip Zip seems to have a limit to the number of characters it will display of’s book titles.  Added to this is the fact that Sansa does not display book “parts” in numerical order and puts the book part number at the end of the title text.   On top of this insists on putting the word (Unabridged) after the book name and before the part number. 

The result of these three factors is that when a book has a relatively large title you can’t see what part of the book you are choosing.  I can’t figure out why the Sansa does not display the parts of a book in order.  Often the parts are displayed 3-1-2, 2-3-1, etc. so that the audio files don’t play automatically from one to the next part. 

I’ve emailed several times about the fact that the metadata within their files which is displayed on my Sansa Clip Zip as the  book title is much too long - especially when the word (Unabridged) is included within the title informaiton.   If they moved that word to the end of the title information then the part number would appear right after the book title where is should be. 

The Sansa line of players read (and sort) by ID3 tag. Many downloadable audio file’s (music and audio books) tags are not optimized and/or have the wrong format of tags for the player to read and display properly. You will have to edit them yourself. A good tool to do this with is Mp3Tag.

Yes, this is a bit of a pain. Although not a solution, what I ended up doing was just copying one part of the book  to the Sansa and when I was finished listening to that part I would delete it and copy the next. That way you cannot make the mistake of listening to the wrong part by accident.