Audacity- A question about recording...

Anyone have some familiarity with Audacity audio editing software?

I’m trying to record off the sound card but I apparently do not have any input options other than Mic, Rear Mic and Line In.  I just can’t get any signal to record.  The record options “Stereo” is grayed out.  I have Mono, Left or Right options available.  No signal on any of them with an online-audio source running.  Obviously that’s not great.

Any ideas?  Is my integral “sound card” on my Dell machine to blame?

You are trying to record streaming audio or something hooked up to the sound card?

Recording streaming audio.

Try this.

Something else you could try, and I have only done it once, but if you have a cable that you can plug into your headphone jack on your player and then into your car or stereo (both ends have 2.5mm male plugs) like this, you could run a jumper from the audio out jack on the pc and then into the Audio in… When I did this I couldnt hear what I was recording but it worked that time but other times it didnt… if you have the cable try it.

Yeah, that’s the caveman approach…it can work but it’s hard to control record levels.

I have done this seamlessly in the past with WavePad.  For some reason it’s just being difficult with Audacity and my home computer.  I’m suspecting an upgrade to the sound card may be needed but it’s just a gut reaction.

That link I posted was no help?


It’s a good link but it’s not helping with my specifics.

For instance, on my work machine, there is no “Wave IN”  or “Stereo Mix” tab in the dropdown input menu.

There is “What U Hear” as one of the options, and this is what worked when I used NCH WavePad.  Here, however, it apparently delivers ONLY the right channel despite any monkeying around with audio options.  Stereo Channel in the record audio options is “grayed out”.  It’s almost like this is a trial version and valuable features like Stereo are not enabled.  Of course, that strategy should not apply to freeware.

At any rate, on my work machine I have about 6 input options.

On my home machine, also Windows XP, I have only three!  And “What U Hear” is not even an option there! I am mystified at why there would be such difference in the two installations and why “What U Hear” on the one machine produces only one channel of recording.

I like that Audacity is free and has good reviews but it seems pretty ineffective


Although the recording meter graphic shows only one channel operating, it IS recording in stereo!  I did a test and it’s fine.  Just a glitch in the GUI?

However, on the home machine, with no Wave or “What U Hear” options, I’m dead in the water.

Anyone know whether this could be remedied by a proper sound card instead of the “integral” soundcard on the motherboard?  Does the app get “Input Options” from what the soundcard is able to produce as options?