Assign drive letter?


As my Fuze wasn’t working well after going through the washing machine… I just bought a 2GB Clip+.

It works OK, but unlike the Fuze, it doesn’t assign a drive letter. Instead, a “Portable Device” dialog pops up when I plug the thing into my XP host, I select “Open device to view files”, and a window shows up that says “My Computer\Sansa Clip+ 2GB” to which I can drop files to be copied onto the device.

I didn’t install the applications on the Sansa CD: Would this provide a way to assign a drive letter when the Clip+ is plugged in?

Thank you.

Simple. Go into Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and set it to MSC (Mass Storage Class).

And, as a general matter, skip the CD: it has the Rhapsody music (pay) subscription service software–great if you want it, unnecessary if you don’t.

Thanks guys, problem solved.