Aspect Ratios

I am using the TakeTV with a widescreen HDTV.  I am using the S-Video connection.  I mainly download video podcasts to watch.  Most of the show are 16:9 widescreen formatted.  In the TakeTV settings I set my aspect ratio to 16:9 and view mode to original.  When I watch one of these widescreen shows the picture does not fill up my screen.  It’s in the center of the screen and about half the size of the full screen.  I have to set my TV to zoom in to get it to fill the screen.

Is there a way to not have to zoom the screen in??


How are you converting the video podcasts to something that will play on the TakeTV?  My TakeTV will not play standard formats that play on my iPod and I have not found an easy way to make the conversion.


The reason for this, is because the TV is recieving a 4:3 picture input.

You would have to set the TV to widescreen (Zoom or Stretch) for it to display properly.

I am having the same problem. I tried every combination of the display modes on the taketv and my sony lcd tv(stretch, full, normal, etc). no mater what I do I ether get black bars on all four sides or a cropped picture.