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Hello everyone, this is my first time to say someting here, I feel very happy in this forum, but right now i have a small question that I should ask some one of nfl jerseys you to help me. I Just bought a clip the other day nba jerseys and upload it through Windows Media Player list, and found it to skip songs. I also have a mlb jerseys weighing only 42.8 grams, and the use of love and had never any problems.jordan shoes

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas, but this may be? ?Any help would be great because I would really like to know why I does not understand it. thank you in advance air jordan shoes for your nice suggestion. and hope you guys all have a nice time here in this great forum

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Are the songs that the Clip skips in a format that the Clip recognizes?  If not, that may be the reason the Clip skips them.