Artist/Song show in Windows Explorer, but don't show on M250 and duplicate listings


I just purchased the M250 a few hours ago and have been trying to setup my music via Windows Explorer.

I have my music stored on my WinXP-SP2 as:  My Documents\My Music\artist name\album name\song.wma

I dragged/dropped the files to the the “MUSIC Specific Storage” folder which was there by default on the m250.

First, here’s what I did when I first tried to load songs that resulted in duplicate song listings:

1a)  Dragged dropped just one album to try things out.  Dragged/dropped it from the “album name” level onto the m250

1b)  Decided I wanted to see the file hierarchy on the m250 by artist, not album name so I deleted the album from it with Windows Explorer.  Verified that no files were on the m250 by scrolling thru the m250 menu.

1c)  Went back into Windows Explorer and dragged/dropped at the artist level to the m250.  This resulted in 3 albums getting copied over

1d)  Scrolled thru the m250 menu to check it out.  The artist and album are listed only once, but the songs under each album are listed twice.

So now the file directory with Windows Explorer shows:  MUSIC Specific Storage\artist name\album name\song.wma.  I don’t see any duplicates in Windows Explorer.

So…I decided to see what happened when I dragged/dropped other artists.

2a)  Dragged/dropped various groups from the “album name” level onto the m250 under MUSIC Specific Storage…

2b)  Now the artist name\album name\song.wma shows up on the m250 in Windows Explorer, but only the 1st band from step 1c shows when I scroll thru the menu on the m250

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance for you assistance.


You somewhat lost me there :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ll rack my brain. Too many trees for me.
Which mode are you in?

Study it more and reformat and start over.