Artist separated playlists


I’m trying to get more exact specs on the playlists. Using Linux, M3U playlists and Clip+ 8GB.

Directory structure of music is:


Best solution for playlists so far is placing all of them in MUSIC/playlists/artist-album.m3u

Obviously all of the playlists appear in one list grouped by artist. However, I’d like to get them to be placed in separate artist directories / folders.

Where ever I place the playlist files though, they always appear in only one list. Any solutions?

Just to clarify, m3u playlists are working perfectly, it’s just a case of being able to search them by artist, >then< album.

This may be a feature request :wink:

Just a thought,

Is there any way to have a disc artist and a separate track artist (okay, I know ogg vorbis supports any comment, but I mean in the player).

Select by Artist using Disc Artist (standard artist) and then use track artist when displaying artist info (fall back to standard/disc artist when blank).

Looking at the Vorbis spec, using artist and performer should work. A good work around for genre compilation CDs and for classical stuff.

Am I asking for too much from life? I like the idea of browsing by tag - but it just doesn’t favour compilations or the sort.