Arlo Camera Blinking Orange Light? Try these fixes

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Is your Arlo Camera blinking orange light out of nowhere? For your personal information, the blinking of orange light means that there’s a charging issue in the camera’s battery. Besides charging, there are some scenarios as well when the orange light might start blinking in the Arlo Camera. But if Arlo blinks orange on your security camera, it mainly specifies that your camera has low charging. So, connect it to the power station quickly through a charging cable. Also, ensure that it is well-connected to the base station’s wireless connection. Now, let’s understand what does orange light on Arlo camera mean and things you can do to fix the Arlo camera flashing orange light issue. This will also troubleshoot if your Arlo base station blinking orange. For immediate assistance, reach out to live experts at (888) 336 3359.

Why is My Arlo Device Flashing Orange?

If your Arlo Device is constantly flashing orange light, it generally indicates a lot of things. Through this section, you will learn about 2 core reasons why your Arlo Device might be flashing a constant orange light:

Arlo Camera Blinking Orange

  • If your Arlo Camera Blinking Orange constantly, it generally means that it is facing hardware issues or low battery issues.
  • The majority of the time, the battery works perfectly. However, the internet connection may cause a hurdle(s) to function with your Arlo camera.
  • There’s a mere possibility that it’s not only a battery problem. But an internet connection problem or hardware problem is also a possibility.
  • Poor internet connection or any hardware problem can also trigger the orange light to blink continuously.

Arlo Base Station Blinking Orange

Understanding the working mechanism of an Arlo Base Station isn’t that complicated.

  • If your Arlo base station blinking orange constantly, it primarily means that it is facing problems while connecting to an Arlo Camera.
  • Well, worry not! You can easily fix this connectivity issue with the Arlo Base Station by following the Troubleshooting guide below.

How to fix it When Arlo Camera Blinking Orange light

As you are aware of the issue raised in the Arlo Camera, you can follow the below-mentioned methods to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Try to restart your cameras, and check if the problem is resolved or persists.
  • Restarting your Arlo Camera(s) may eliminate several issues such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Arlo camera orange light, etc.
  • This should get rid of the blinking orange light by now.
  • Charge your Arlo Cameras’ batteries with the adaptor/charging cable or replace the batteries with the new ones.
  • Essentially, if you own a wired camera, use a safe & secure power source that functions well.
  • Move your camera(s) closer to the Wi-Fi router to ensure that there’s no network connectivity issue.
  • If you are utilizing a Base Station by any means, ensure that its signal range reaches your router network.
  • As the final step, check your Base Station’s power connections.
  • Moreover, ensure that the electricity supply is turned ‘On’ and the power adaptor you are using is safe to use.
  • If you think that the problem persists, try replacing your power outlet with a new one.

Reset Your Arlo Camera:
If the above steps don’t resolve the issue of the orange light blinking, you may even reset your Arlo Camera(s) to factory default settings. It will efficiently help you to resolve the LED light issue. The below-explained steps will help you out:

  • Firstly, navigate to the Arlo secure app and select the option ‘Settings’.
  • Second of all, choose ‘My Devices’ and go for the camera model that you want to reset.
  • Thirdly, click on the option of ‘Remove Device’ and confirm by clicking on the ‘Yes’ button.
  • As the final step, go back to the ‘Devices’ page and add the camera back.

Eliminating the Arlo Base Station Orange Light

  • Is your Arlo Base Station lighting up? Is it only the orange light blinking on the station? Well, try solving it with the following guide:
  • Ensure that your router is giving a sustainable internet connection through the ethernet cable.
  • Connect your desktop or laptop to the router using an ethernet cable, and check if you can go online.
  • Login to Arlo Account using the same desktop/laptop. Go to ‘Settings’, select ‘My Devices’, choose your base station, and remove the base station.
  • Unplug your Arlo base station and the router from the power source. Wait for a minute. Plus in the router back and wait for it to reboot.
  • Then, plug in your base station, and wait for 5 minutes to see green lights on it.
  • If you see Arlo SmartHub flashing green light, visit ‘Devices’ on the Arlo App.
  • Then, click on ‘Add Device’ and go for your appropriate base station.
  • If you can’t see the base station there, go for ‘Arlo Wireless’. Then follow the remaining installation process on the app.
  • But if there isn’t any Arlo SmartHub flashing orange yet, hold the reset button for about 30 seconds.
  • Wait for a few minutes then, and navigate yourself to ‘Add Device’.
  • Choose your appropriate base station and follow the remaining installation process on the Arlo secure app.

To conclude

Now you know why your Arlo camera flashing orange, what are the possible reasons. Also, we are aware of how to solve them, we hope that you have managed to solve the problem. But if you still face any problems regarding Arlo blinking orange or any other issues, feel free to contact our Arlo expert team at USA: 1 888 336 3359

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Why are my Arlo cameras suddenly offline?

If your all Arlo cameras are offline, the first thing to do is start with your Wi-Fi router. Check to make sure your router is connected to the internet and that you’re not getting any internet errors. Consider cycling your router by unplugging it from the outlet, waiting a minute, then plugging it back in.

  • Why is my Arlo essential camera blinking orange?

Your Arlo camera’s LED blinks amber if the sync is not successful. If the LED continues to blink amber and you attempted all troubleshooting options, the camera’s firmware or hardware might have an issue. For more advance troubleshooting, get in touch with our support team.

  • Why is my Arlo blinking blue and orange?

It means, your Arlo camera failed to sync with the Arlo SmartHub or Base Station, or with your Wi-Fi network. If you see alternating blue and amber light that means a firmware update is in progress. Do not turn the camera off!