Are these Sandisk Clip Jams using a different tagging system?

As far as I know I’m tagging my mp3s correctly.  In Windows I use mp3tag.  I simply put in the artist album track number etc.  Yesterday  I was trying to copy over my “Bible Experience” mp3s.  I got everything layed out this way.

Artist:  The Bible Experience

Album:  01 Genisis

Track Number: 1

Next file:

Artist:  The Bible Experience

Album: 01 Genisis

Track Number: 2

* You get the picture.

The next book of the Bible is Exodus

Artist:  The Bible Experience

Album 02 Exodus

Track Number: 1

* Then the files just go 2,3,4 all the way down to whever it ends.  Logical.

When I copied these files and folders over to the Sandisk clip + it found everything ok.  It says under Artist The Bible Experience and when you open that up you see each book of the Bible listed as an Album.  That’s exactly what I want it too do with these mp3s.  (They are all copied to the music folder, just incase anyone asks)

But on the Sandisk Clip Jam this doesn’t work.

Instead of getting one Artist called “The Bible Experience”  I get two Artists.  The first one is comming up as “The Bible Ex”  Under that is all of 01 Genisis.   The second Artist is comes up as “The Bible Experience”  and under that one is 02 Exodus - 66 Revulation. 

I’ve gone back into my tags over and over again to double check my spelling and spaces.  I’ve even retagged Genisis, but everytime I copy it over to the MP3 player it finds it as “The Bible Ex” 

I bought 4 Sandisk Clip Jams and so I decided to try it on a different player and it did the samething! 

In my Car I have ford sync.  You plug in a usb stick and you can play off mp3s by Artist and Album in the same way that one of these players should.  My car finds all of this stuff the way it should. 

Are these Sandisk Clip Jams using a different tagging system?

A few suggestions:

->In your example listing, you do not indicate the field “Title”. This is a critical element of the ID3 tag.

->Maybe use 2-digit entries for Track number (start with 01, 02,  etc)

Artist:  The Bible Experience

Album:  01 Genesis      (Try putting each album in a separate subfolder under Music)

Title:  01

Track Number: 01   (Try using this filename: 01 Genesis - The Bible Experience - 01.mp3)

    (restart track numbering for each new Album)

Next file:

Artist:  The Bible Experience

Album: 01 Genesis

Title:  02

Track Number: 02  (Try using this filename: 01 Genesis - The Bible Experience - 02.mp3)

If you put this xub-folder system under Audiobooks, then you can take advantage of the automatic “Resume” feature.

The title is Genisis 1  and then the next file is Genisis 2 and just keeps going on like that…  But I can tell you without a doubt that it is not my problem.  It is only messing up on the Artist.  Today I used audacity to exported brand new mp3s off the orginials.  Then I used a program called puddletag to put in all of the proper information.  I tried tagging with ID3v2.4 and then I tried ID3v2.3 and even that made no difference the bug is still there!  What is really odd is it only effects the 01 Genisis album!  BTW I’ve been using puddletag for podcasts that I download from the internet, and load the same player and everything  works just fine!  I’m confused.

I don’t consider this a solution, but it worked.  Under Linux Mint 18 xfce 64 bit using program puddletag I changed

Artist:  The Bible Experience   to  The Bible

Composer:  to The Bible

Album Artist:  The Bible Experience   to   The Bible

Then I copied all of the Directories to The Bible on the Player under the Directory Music.  Once I disconnected the player from the computer everything worked out like it should of… 

This issue is very very very odd.  I even tried to using Audacity to re export into brand new mp3s of the Genesis.  And then re trag the files from scratch.  Every time that player sees Genesis it shortens The Bible Experience  to  The Bible Exp  But doesn’t do that to the rest of the Bible. 

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