Are there speaker systems for the Fuze?

Can anyone recommend a speaker system that works with the Fuze, good enough for a bedroom?


IMO SanDisk does a disservice to themselves and their customers by not offering dedicated accessories for their music players. Without the massive market-share their biggest competitor has, third-parties are not likely to take on that task. Without a nicer selection of accessories, SanDisk is not likely to gain much market-share. It’s a Catch22 cycle that only SanDisk can break. That said, last I checked there was one set of speakers designed specifically for the Fuze, and one docking station. TMK nothing interfaces with the Fuze’s OS, including the aforementioned speakers and dock, so you have no remote control capabilities for example. (It has been a while since I last shopped for accessories so there may be a couple new items I am not aware of.)

That all said, the headphone jack is the most versatile option for connecting the Fuze to something other than headphones, making virtually any powered speaker system compatible. You can use any (non-USB) speaker system designed for computers, or any internally amplified speaker for audiophile or recording studio applications. If you already have a music system with an available input (i.e. AUX, Tape, CD, Video, or Line, but not Phono), you can use a 3.5MM to 2 RCA “Y” adapter to hook up the Fuze.

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Yes, I would recommend a set of these, The Infinity RS-1B.  You’ll need a quartet of amplifiers to drive them, but they will sound most excellent in the bedroom.  Oh, they are a bit hefty, at about 400 pounds.

Well, this is for the bedroom, eh?  Okay, I’ll scale it down a bit:

This is the Altec Lansing iM413.  Incredible device, and a remote too.  It sports its own internal FM radio, so you can listen to music without the Sansa as well.  It’s shown here with a Sansa e200 docked, but the Fuze docks just fine.

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I’m using ALtec Lansing InMotion speaker system made for Sansa.  I purchased it at Best Buy.  I use it for my Fuze and my e260.   It also is a docking station for both and it charges both of the players while I listen to music.  One at a time of course.  My speaker system is a couple years old so you might want to check that best buy still has it available.    

Is the Altec fully compatible with the Fuze? They list “Sansa Connect” on the compatibility list, but does that use the multipin connector of the Fuze, or do you have to use the headphone jack? Also, do you get player functions on the remote, or just On/Off/Vol? (Sorry, but Altec’s web site doesn’t really answer these questions.)

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In regards to the Infinity’s, shall I keep my EL34 tubes or upgrade to KT88’s? :smiley:

Yes, the iM413 is fully compatible.  The Fuze and e200 charge when docked, and the volume is controlled solely by the iM413.  The remote has volume, play / pause, forward / previous track, source (FM / Sansa / Aux- any device with a 3.5mm stereo jack) , SRS, Bass Boost, and 3 radio presets.

To dock the Fuze, because of its offset connector (the headphone jack is on the bottom) , the Fuze sits slightly to one side.  Supplied with the iM413 are three backrest adaptors.  For the Fuze, I have replaced the thin pad for the C200 model with a thicker rubber pad for the (thinner) Sansa Fuze.

The iM413 is old school, with a nice metal grille, and it’s built like a battleship.  The Sansa will charge when the supplied AC adaptor is used, or if you would like to use the device cordless, it runs all day on three AA batteries.  (JK98, you will like that!)

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Klipsch ProMedia THX 2.1 - LOUD and clear! Not dockable, must use headphone out and control from player. Has volume and bass adjust only. Enough power to rattle your brain and vibrate the floor without boomy bass.

Got one in my bedroom and another with the speakers attached to the sub used as a boombox.