Are there any e-music stores that offer wav downloads? (rookie, buying a fuze)

I looked around on Rhapsody and basically they offer no information until you sign up - which I have not.  Lots of talk about mp3s as usual, but I’m buying this player because it supports wav.

Do any of the e-music stores offer lossless downloads (wav)?  Perhaps they all do, :-/ shows how new I am to this.

Thanks mucho for any help. :neutral_face: sells music from a (very limited) set of artists in lossless FLAC format. I don’t know any that sell WAV, and given that there is a widely-supported compressed lossless format, I don’t know why any would sell an uncompressed format without tags (WAV).

Some artists and a few labels sell direct in FLAC. Nettwerk (Sarah McLachlan’s label) sells in FLAC format for an extra dollar an album.

In case you are not familiar with FLAC, it is lossless–same quality as .wav–but compressed, so smaller files than .wav. And like mp3, it has the tag information that the Fuze can read to group your music by Album, Artist, etc.

Nine Inch Nails’ “The Slip” is available in FLAC, for instance.

Recent Fuze firmware upgrades, at least 1.01.22 and possibly earlier, support FLAC.

If you are a jam-band fan you can find zillions of live recordings in FLAC, free,  at

Just out of curiosity, what are you using for playback? And have you ever compared (in a blind testing) a .wav file to mp3 at 256 or 320 kbps? For many people there’s no difference in sound quality, though some people do hear a difference. has wav or flac available, as well as an assortment of lossy compressed.  

Thanks for the reply, but their selection is really pathetic.  It’s a start, but unless I find something better it’s still going to be buying cds and ripping.

Sorry, I meant bad selection for classical music, which I should have said was what I’m shopping for.

Try Google.

 People selling lossless are using FLAC to save on bandwidth. But even Deutsche Grammophon, who are sound-quality fanatics, sell 320 kbps mp3s instead. 

For your own rips, you might as well use FLAC.  .wav is just wasting your drive space. 

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Thats pretty bad - DG selling mp3.  I google everything like everyone else, but hadnt tried flac and emusic stores.

It depends on approach/attitude.  Do you look for a selection of stuff you might like, or do you have a checklist of particular albums?

Itunes has the most selection of anybody, but if I go looking for my favorite Beatles albums they have none and rate as pathetic.

Aside from the instant gratification angle, I never saw too much of an advantange of getting music on-line.  I’d rather order several CD’s a week from an almost unlimited source and then rip/encode to the format(s) of my choice.

At some point, it may be one of the only ways of getting music (on-line).  But until that happens, I’m going to get my music from sources where almost anything is available, and don’t have to worry too much about if something is available or not.

Maybe it’s a sign of getting older, but I don’t mind at all waiting a couple of days to get my music…so the intant gratification aspect of on-line music isn’t that much of a selling point to me.

But… everyone is different and can certainly see why there are on-line music vendors.

I like the option of previewing the music via Rhapsody (if available), then for highest quality, the CD is great.  Rhapsody offers 256kb/s MP3, but I prefer a “hard copy” too.

I remember the heavy cardboard LP mailers, now those were cool.