Are there any debug or test mode screens for the Fuze?


Are there any debug or test modes screens for the fuze?

At least a better way to monitor the battery charging. I know about the INFO screen. I wanna know its charging, and the battery capacity as of that moment…

I’m asking because my battery life seems a little off.  After just charging it, and use for several minutes, the battery is not still 100% full.  And, after a 8 hour day of use, the main screen battery symbol shows its about half way discharged or more…


Not sure about the sandisk firmware, but in Rockbox you can use the battery bench plugin to continually log the battery voltage during charge or discharge.

Not sure its worthwhile here though.  Its pretty normal for different lithium poly batteries to charge to slightly different voltages, so its fairly hard to estimate the exact capacity.  

I don’t think this will work, but I am intrigued about a third party making software for this. What’s the Fuze OS?

@hawkeyehawk wrote:

What’s the Fuze OS?

I don’t know if Sandisk ever gave it a name.  Its probably a modified version of some commercial embedded OS.  

I’ve always heard people call it the “original firmware”,or “OF” for short.

OF refers to any original firmware, not just the Sandisk ones.   So if a device ships with Android, iPod OS, etc then each of those is also an OF.  

The battery is getting better with time…