Apad tablets: 10" with android 2.2 OS?

Hello, everyone, i’m a Google Android fan and i’d like to buy a tablet pc. One of my friends got a 10" one on ecargoonline.com with android 2.1 OS, and he strongly recommend this one for me. But it seems that the Android 2.2 OS is more better than the 2.1? So i want to buy one with android 2.2 for 10".

I have saw there is a 8" one with android 2.2 on that site, and seems reasonable, for the specs, the buyers reviews.etc… But i also seen a 10" one with ZT-180 Processor and Android 2.2 OS, and the price also seems reasonable. Unfortunately, the seller told me that this Apad Android is temporarily unavailable in the market, i should wait for a little longer, maybe a week ago? So what’s your suggestions? Since it’s Christmas holiday, it maybe delay for the delivery? maybe i should wait for it? Need your advice about these tablets too!

I wouldn’t buy one of those crappy 2.2 tablets.  Wait for Honeycomb in a couple weeks.  They’ll be a flood of better tablets then.

Try Archos 101 Internet Tablet.  10.1" screen, in  8 gig flash based or 250 gig hard-drive based models.  With USB and with MicroSD card capacity.  Multi-touch capacitive screen.  Wifi, bluetooth.  No 3g (data) and no GPS.  Running Android 2.2 (Froyo) now.  Some Flash capability.  A LOT less $ than Samsung Galazy.  Archos has a 70 Internet Tablet with a 7" screen for less $ too.