Anyway to add album art to a podcast.

Purchased the Sansa Fuze+ a few weeks ago. Use it when I am home and it is ok as haven’t had any problems with it. 

The touchpad doesn’t work well for me when listening to a program in which I have to pause especially being left handed and the clip zip works better but that would that is a major limitation of any touchpad if you can’t just rely on touch. 

THe one thing I did notice though it scrolls better when there is album are if it just has that wallpaper it seems to be slower. So if there a way to just put some album art for specific podcasts if there is none and it just uses wallpaper for the album art. 

One way I have found to work good for album art is to copy a photo into the folder that countains the podcast or album. Be sure to name the file folder.jpg