Anythingbutipod site and forum down/dead?

Does anyone know if the Anythingbutipod site and forum is down and/or dead? 

I haven’t been able to access it for the past week and fear either that it has been abandoned or taken down, or that its owner failed to pay its domain name fee and the site name has been purchased by another group.  (The URL now leads to a sign-in page for something called “Zealot,” which says it is a “Hobby Forum: Card Models, RC Cars, Trains & Railroads.”)

The site had/has lots of info. on the SanDisk players plus other audio players, as well as loads of other info., and was/is a good community.  If gone, will be very sad–at the very least, would be nice if it were around to consult.  Not many places like it around anymore.   :frowning:

Heard an answer back:  a tech. issue, to be fixed by Jan. 3rd.  Let’s hope so!

Good! I’d hate to see that forum disappear.

It does remind one of the frailty of life, even virtual life . . . .

In the meanwhile, one can “backdoor” one’s way in by doing a search engine search on the phrase “anythingbutipod marvin” and selecting the first result, which takes you to the anythingbutipod profile of former SanDisk Guru Marvin there, and then navigating to where you want to go.  (You can do this with any anythingbutipod member’s user name–I like paying tribute to Marvin, who passed away earlier, sigh.  This also can be done with other search terms that appear within the anythingbutipod website.)  

Just an FYI: ABi has been completely DOA since last month, and there’s no way to even see all the valuable reference material that was in those stagnant threads. The site owners really let everyone down,…failure was inevitable.

Just so you know this is an issue way back in 2016, why bring it back now?