Anyone use Foobar2000 with Clip+ ?


I just got a Clip+.  I have all of my music in foobar2000.  Is there a way to copy music to the Clip+ from foobar2000?


If you set the Clip+ to MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) it’ll behave like any other removable drive and you can use foobar’s File Operations (foo_fileops) or the Converter (foo_converter) to copy/transcode your music onto the player. Assuming the required components are installed, just right-click the tracks or playlists you want and choose the appropriate commands (“File Operations/Copy to…”, “Convert”; when dealing with entire playlists go to “Items” first).

You may run into trouble with tagging though, the Clip+ seems to prefer ID3v2.3 tags (v2.4 ones often showed up truncated on the player the last time I tried) and IIRC foobar only does ID3v2.4?

Edit: According to the FAQ there’s a compatibility mode option in foobar’s advanced settings which may or may not help with this.