Anyone pick up an HP Touchpad at clearance price this weekend?

I couldn’t really justify buying one for myself since I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but I thought about buying one as a Christmas present. The decision was made for me though. They were sold out everyplace I checked, except for a display model at the local Walmart. I waffled over it too long, and when I went back even that one was gone.

Those things sold like ice water in the desert. It’s a shame they had to be reduced to fire sale prices ($100 for 16 GB, $150 for 32 GB) to do it.

If this had happened a month ago, I would have gotten one. But work has taken a downturn lately, so I need to hang onto my money. Maybe I’ll get lucky in a couple of weeks and find someone that doesn’t like theirs, and I can trade them one of my many DAPs for it.:wink:

I wasn’t going to but then got curious–and between today and yesterday, couldn’t find it available anywhere (at the low prices), online or in stores–just lots of notices that there was no stock.

The HP TouchPad’s demise is bound to be the next Internet conspiracy theory.

I can see it now: black helicopters, midnight jet charters from Cupertino and Seattle, the Department of Defense, DARPA…photographs of the Grassy Knoll and an HP box in the bushes…

Tell you what, I have to hand it to Hewlett-Packard for building a tough little machine!  My daughter knocked the HP Mini 210 off the couch armrest, and it crashed headfirst four feet onto a tile floor!!  I cringed.  Powering it up, the only casualty was a jarred cooling fan- I pulled the service cover and checked it out, a bit of dirt had been knocked into the path of the rotor.  If the TouchPad is built anything like this machine is, you have a solid toy.

Running Windows 7 (a basic configuration) with the Atom processor would raise the price of the gadget a bit, but it looks like the WebOS is key to the demise.  Sorry, but the kitchy Apple tablet is wrong in so many ways, just where do I start? Choose either the total lack of an open platform, no connectivity whatsoever, or iTunes.  And they wait for days in the cold to buy the first one…amazing.

Couldn’t pass this one up, every time I see Apple try and absorb the masses I think of these classic Soviet posters.  This one is a parody on an anti-drinking campaign poster.  Nyet! became Da! in a vodka ad.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: