Anyone own a Micron TransPort Trek 2 computer ?

Micron TransPort Trek 2 computer
Model number: NBKU375
This is an old computer, came out somewhere around 2000, came with WIN98SE installed.

Anyone own a working one ?

I have one at my office somewhere.

The one with the fingerprint reader?


fingerprint reader!, that has to be way newer than the one I’m looking for; but you never know could you flip it over and see what the model number is?

I bought my Micron (cheap, because it’s old) at a secondhand store / thrift shop [no fingerprint reader] had it over about year, recently had to reinstalled win98 on it, which was a bad move - didn’t backup the drive! so now I don’t have the video driver or sound driver that came installed from the OEM. Am currently stuck with 256 colors, bad font, and no sound. This computer can do true color @ 60 Hz, and has a built in mic.

I’m looking to find someone who might still have one of these old Micron laptops running win98 and maybe get them to copy the necessary driver files (and supporting / necessary files: vxd, inf, dll… etc).

In Display Properties ->Settings tab ->Advanced… button ->Adapter tab what does it say is your adapter ?

Best bet on the drivers is to download them from the manufacturer, if they are still around.   If it’s a Tseng, that company was bought by ATI.

Micron itself left the PC business long ago:

"Micron sold its stake in MicronPC (once a majority-owned subsidiary of Micron) to Gores Technology Group on May 31, 2001. With that sale, Micron exited the personal computer business and MicronPC changed its name to MPC. All support requests for Micron PC and MPC products should be directed to MPC. 

For additional information, call 1-888-719-5031."

Yes, I read that.

I did a lot of Web searches, all of the OEM players in is have moved on, in one form or another.

There are many “driver” sites that claim to have the drivers, but I think they just want your email address for span, or they might endup being like Cnet.

Cnet ‘has’ the video driver for download - that ‘download’ link leads to the company that did write the driver, but again they have moved on, they are into TVs now.

My best bet is to find someone who has a Micron like mine, but still has all the original drivers.

Oh it’s 16 colors not 256 - my post above was wrong.

Thanks for replying anyway.

This seems to work if model is correct. I could DL a video driver. 

Micron TransPort Trek 2 Computer - sounds like something out of Flash Gordon!

Sorry, I let one of my employees borrow it. It is maybe one model newer then yours. It is pretty old.

14124all; You get a gold “Accepted Solutions” star :slight_smile: , I was able to find drivers for the sound and video, thank you!