anyone know why the media converter is crashing my computer

i use windows xp…and the converter is crashing my computer…bought this for my son for christmas…would really like it to work…i’ve already uninstalled and re installed…that did nothing…i am stumped on this one…

Is the player attached to the pc when you run it? I never used the SMC, however I read that the player must be connected when you use it.

yes it is

(1). Go to to update your OS

(2). Download and Reinstall the newest Sandisk Media Converter.

You don’t need to use SMC for photos, just for videos. I used the image editing software that came with my Canon camera to make copies of my images that are around 600x450 to put on my Fuze. The player will play regular JPG images as long as they are small(I am not sure how large they can be, but around 600x450 worked for me).

it’s video that i want to put on it

Good luck. Video on the Fuze is not so great, and many have had issues with it. That is why I decided not to use video on my Fuze.

I have no problem so far with Sandisk Media Converter for my two computers.

I have converted successfully at least 20 videos, which are in different formats, such as AVI, mp4, etc.

From the description of your computers, you seem to have a outdated Windows Operation System.

Please see my previous post to update your computer system, or try another computer to do the video conversion work.

Good luck.

ok…got it…if anyone needs help on this…i use firefox …obviously when you download the media converter with firefox it messes it up…got fed up and used internet explorer to download the media converter and it works like a charm…so use internet explorer folks…thanks for the comments people…and merry christmas!!!

ok…and something else…so my last solution might not have been the complete solution…i’ve also realized that when you add a video to the converter you can NOT drag and drop …you HAVE to click on the add media button and import the video that way…so when you drag and drop…and then you hit the convert media button…it crashes windows xp…when you click on the add media button…it works…so there’s the solution…sorry to bug you guys with this if you already knew