Anyone have an educated guess as to Mah rating for the Clip Sport battery? (Sandisk doesn't.)

Greetings all:

Newest of the newbies here. Just got my 8GB Clip Sport with the card slot and really like it. I just heard back from Sandisk Customer Care and they don’t actually have specs - at least that one  - on the Mah rating of the battery. I’ve searched the forum on this topic before registering and posting, and didn’t find an answer, but I see a lot of expertise as to this player, so I was wondering if anyone could give me even a ballpark figure on what they think the Mah of the battery might be,

The reason I’d like to know is that I do a lot of long range (3-4 week) backpack trips and would like to know what size power bank to pack for what could be as many as 10-12 recharges. 


To bad Sandisk can’t provide You with such essential info.

My guesstimate would be 300-500 mah, and calculating on a 2/3 efficiency(heat loss etc.) would give approximately 7000 mah.

Maybe You can borrow someone’s powerbank to do some tests, maybe a smaller one to shorten the test period.

I’ve seen some very small solar powered power banks that unfortunatly were to inefficient for more demanding needs like smartphones etc. that should be enough for Your needs.

If You’re passing  stores every now and then on Your walks You might consider a standard battery powered usb charger.

Thanks for the reply, Swede:

I have several power banks ranging from 2,500 to 15,000; just trying to get away with the lightest one that will do the job. Like most long range backpackers, I’m pretty obsessive about weight. 

I’m not all that knowledgeable about the science of this, but based on the relative weights of the player and the various power banks, it would seem that the battery in the player would have a proportionally smaller Mah rating.

And you’re right, it’s a little disappointing that Sandisk doesn’t consider this to be something that consumers need to know. The rep told me that the “battery on this device is Li-Polymer, …not user replaceable,…an OEM battery that does not come with any specs.”

Oh, well. I still like the player. Really love the expandable memory. I’ll eventually figure out this recharge thing from experience. Just thought someone might have some useful info beforehand. 

Thanks again for hitting me back.

Watched some YouTube videos with battery replacements on older Sandisk MP3 players, Clip zip etc. and saw 290mah a few times.

Did a search for replacement batterys and 290 showed up again and also 550mah as a extra power replacement battery.

Considering that those cells are 3.7 volt cells and since most powerbanks are 5 volt (standard usb) there should be an advantage when calculating Your mah needs, can’t tell how much of an advantage though.