Anyone ever try a Fuze with a Direct box?

My won’t play properly, it wants to “motorboat”. Yes, a strange popiong that at time will repeat fairly rapidly.

I have used other MP3 players into the same DI and channel on this PA system, they sounded fine, but this won’t cut it for rehearsals.

Other than that this thing sound very good.


It sounds like maybe the Fuze is overdriving the input of the DI box.  Does it happen if you turn down the volume of the Fuze?

I am sure it’s not ODing the DI, I have used this with other MP3 players.

It seems to have a lowend focus for a typical “pop” one would expect for a connection unconnecting and reconnection to a live PA.

Hmm…   Haven’t heard any other similar reports of this behavior.  I assume this doesn’t happen over the headphones?  There have been a few reports of defective headphone jacks that sound kind of similar to what you describe, but you should have the problem over headphones as well as the DI box.

I’m sure you’d prefer to have it “just work”, but another option might be to get a Griffin PowerDock for Sansa.  That would give you a true line-out instead of the headpone out that should allow you to plug straight into the mixer and bypass the DI box.  Griffin is currently clearing them out for $15.