Any way to get old laptop with USB2 adapter to recognize clip+?

I put a Dynex USB 2.0 Card Bus Adapter into an old Thinkpad T23 and connected my new 8GB Clip+ but the laptop won’t recognize the player. I’m running XP, Service Pack 3. The laptop is connected to A/C power.

The Dynex manual says that it will run devices that require less than 500mA. Does that rule out the Clip+?

Is there any thing else I can do or add to get the Thinkpad to recognize the player?

I haven’t had a chance to test the player on a desktop or newer laptop, but the Dynex recognizes a flash card reader.

Thanks for any help.


What version of Windows Media Player are you running?

I bet the card cant deliver enough power.

You need a Y-USB-Cable where you can feed in external 5V power. Like the cables you get for 2,5" external HDs.



Actually, I would think that the power needs would be fine.

Is the Clip+ set to MSC mode, in which it is seen as a thumbdrive?  That could help–

Robert, thank you. I think this will do it and will buy a cable to see. 

But, do you mean external to the player or to the laptop?

Do I need a Y cable with one mini B male connector and 2 A male connectors? 

Or a powered USB hub or other source of power that’s external to the laptop?

(You probably mean the Y cable I described, but I want to be sure.) 

Conversionbox: I’m running WMP 10 and yes, I did search the forum and knowledge base, 

and google, and other forums, and called SanDisk.

Miikerman: I was using MSC mode.  Tried MTP too, but neither worked.

Thanks very much for your help, everyone.


Ah, a powered USB Hub is even a better idea, I think. But it has to be powered.

The other way is such a cable:

And then power the 2nd line by a AC-USB-Power-Adaper:

I just took the first 2 found google links, I bet there a cheaper adapters aviable at ebay.

BR Robert