Any way to continue to next podcast automatically?

I’m using the latest firmware (V01.01.29A), and the podcast/audiobook support is great, except for a couple things:

  1. The podcast episodes sort from newest to oldest. I think this is by design, but it’s not the way I prefer. Thankfully, I can work around it by placing my podcasts in the AUDIOBOOKS directory where they sort oldest to newest, but it seems weird to have to do that.
  2. After reaching the last episode for a podcast, the clip just stops, and I have to manually navigate to the next podcast. Is there any way to make it automatically move on to the next podcast?

The way to get a bunch of podcasts to play as a group is to tag them with the same album tag. If you download the free program mp3Tag, you can easily change the album tag for a whole folder of files on your pc in just one step. Next delete the files on the player, and copy the folder of files with edited tags to the player. Some have said that they edited tags directly on the player, however I don’t recommend doing that.

Thanks for the reply. I was trying to avoid going that route because I didn’t want to end up with a useless step in the menu system. (ie, i’ll be “Music > Audio Books > My Podcasts > Actual File”, where “My Podcasts” is the album name, and will always be the only option at that level. But unless they add something in the next fireware, I guess I’ll have to do it that way.

Will it auto resume files in the Audiobook folder?


I’m hopeful that the backwards organization of the redirected podcasts will be fixed in a future firmware release.  The podcast order should be oldest-to-newest.

Using MP3Tag, or the Advanced Tag Editor in WiMP11, you can rename the genre something other than “podcast”, and the Clip will leave them in your music folder.  This way, the order remains correct, and they can be played in sequence.  It’s a handy workaround, for the time being.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: