Any way to add video without converter?

Converter will not work for me, crashes everytime.

anyway to ass files without the converter?


@darin_god wrote:


anyway to ass files without the converter?

With or without the converter, it’s probably not a good idea to ass your files. :smiley:

As for adding them, as far as I know the converter is the only option.

Haha! My bad,

the converter just works for you with no problem?

crashes everytime for me.

Due to metadata restriction, the only way to put video on the Fuze is the SMC. If your’s is crashing, try a full uninstall (including registry)… I’ll need to find the registry ID and i’ll edit the post when i do. Once its been fully removed from the computer, restart and re-install.

BTW, what OS are you using?

Here’s a thought on the fragile system registry issue.

Uninstall the Media Converter, then repair the system registry with a registry repair utility like RegistryBooster.  It will find the changes made by the application (missing links after removal), and restore a clean slate prior to the reinstallation.

I’ve found many available utilities like this example are available for reasonable prices, if not free.

Unless you’re confident on your regedit skills, you must be very cautious in there, as it’s a dark and gloomy place.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: