Any way to access the index file?

I mean the database of media the Fuze makes after you load it in MSC mode.  On my E280 I could get to this file easily but on the Fuze it seems to be completely hidden from Windows.  Is there any way I can get access to this database?


Turn folder attributes “hidden” OFF within Windows.

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It is turned off.  I had to do that for my E280.  They’ve somehow hidden the file/folder in a different way or a different place.  The only folders visible are the ones I’m meant to put media in.  No DATA or SYSTEM folder at all like the E280.  And yes, I’ve explored every folder carefully.  Wherever that database file is, it’s well hidden.

I’ve tried both MSC and MTP mode.  No joy so far.


You’re a former v1 fan, with a new v2 / Fuze. The familiar DATA and SYSTEM folders are gone!

I have an update for you! It’s now called mtable.sys with the new processor.

You’ll find this file in the Sansa’s root directory.

In cases where the table becomes corrupted, you can delete this file while connected in MSC mode. The Sansa will build a completely new one upon disconnect. Sometimes, the Sansa can run into database refresh issues, or duplicate entries from previous transfers. The machine appends the database file on disconnect, along with the errors.

In this situation, you can simply delete the mtable.sys file and force the device to build one from scratch.

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Awesome!  Thank you.  I did try deleting those once and thought it hadn’t done any good but I’ll give it another try.  Working with a new gadget can be confusing and I’m far from being a techie.  I just try to learn what I need to do to get the result I want and let it go at that…

Thanks again…

Huh.  It didn’t work.  What I did was, I put a single new song (in MSC mode) into a miscellaneous directory of songs that don’t have track numbers.  The songs should display in alphabetical order, and in fact they do–except for the single new song I just dropped in.  It’s at the end of the list, not where it belongs in the alphabet.  I deleted mtable.sys, but it makes no difference.  The song is still at the end of the list.  Looks like the only solution is to delete and reload the entire directory, which I’d hate to have to do for a single song.

Any ideas?

Check the ID3 tag on the song that’s not lining up right. The Sansa doesn’t sort by file name, it gets all the info from the ID3 tags. I’ll bet you’ve got some incorrect info in there.

First thing I checked.  The ID3v2 is correct and the ID3v1 has been deleted.  I’ve been doing this for over a year on the E280v1 and I’ve got it down to a system.  Now the system is shot because the Fuze has a different way of doing things.

I deleted the directory and reloaded it with the new song included.  It’s now in its proper place.  I did not change the ID3 tag at all.

Weird . . . I discovered too that the v2’s (& FUZES) are a queer beast in comparison to the v1 e200 series. Many subtle differences, many of them undesirable. One can only hope that people who can make a difference are monitoring these forums and address issues raised by posters in firmware updates.

I got this "glimmer of information from the Clip forum site, since I was having problems with the Fuze recognizing “track” order in albums and placing them in Alphabetical order.  I know, complete opposite of you, but it could be the same cause.

Check your Id4 tags with a program like MP3tag and make sure your tages are in ISO-8859-1 standards.  Othewise it won’t read the order right.  I found initially that my MP3tag was set to UTF-16 instead.  The fuze, being based on the sansa chipset has the same issue in that order can be messed up if the tag is in UTF format instead of ISO-8859 standard.

That’s interesting.  I’ve had no problems with my albums being in track order but my tags are indeed set to UTF-16.  I’ve switched them over (all 2887 of them) but now I need to find 70 minutes or so to reload them onto my player.  Probably not tonight since it’s a bit after 11:00 PM here…