Any Rockbox experts here that know of simple "Go List" like function for Rockbox?

One great thing about the Fuze is the Go List.

I’m giving Rockbox a try and am wondering if there is a similar function on Rockbox to that of the Fuze’s Go List.  I’m a bit confused about the Dynamic Playlist…but I’m also too fried for too much more…

Thank you…

What does the Go List do?

The Go List is Sandisk’s simple built-in playlist editor. While a track is active, if you bring up the Music Options submenu (by pressing down on the control ring), you can add/remove the track from the Go List. Unlike the more robust general playlist capability, there is only one Go List.

Ah, then yes, you can add files a playlist in rockbox. When music is playing, hit the home button. That is the current play list. You can skip through it or delete stuff. Or else go to another track and insert it into the current playlist.

On the Fuze’s Go List, the best thing about it is its simplicity - if you have a large library of songs and are playing them random or just listening to a different playlist, you can just hit the down scroll wheel area and it will give you an option of things to do and one of them is to add the song to your “Go List.” 

So far, I have not found such an easy to use feature with RockBox - though I am happy to FINALLY get all the playlists and songs I have on the Fuze to be recognized. 

In rockbox, the currently playing track is always added to the current playlist, so its unnecessary use a menu to do that. It happens automatically.

The best way I can describe the GO List is it is like a “greatest hits” playlist of your entire library that you can easily add to or delete from.

So if one day you are listing to country music and hear a song you play over and over again, with just a couple presses, you can add the song to your Go List.  On the Sansa Fuze you could only go up to 200 songs on the Go List, but the great thing about it is the ease with to add or delete from it. 

I’m still learning Rockbox, but can’t fully figure out the Dynamic Play List.  I’ve also noticed that the menus for the Sansa Fuze manual are kind of different than that of what is shown on the player.

Hey all.

Let’s see if we can clear this up.  Rockbox works entirely on “playlists”.  The Dynamic playlist is simply the currently playing playlist.  The size of the dynamic playlist depends on your selection from the database.

Example:  If I go to the Database and Click on Album and choose an album, then Rockbox will create a dynamic playlist for that album and begin playing.  If I choose to play all tracks and shuffle, then Rockbox creates a dynamic playlist consisting of all the tracks.  If I specifically pick one song, then the device creates a dynamic playlist of one.

By holding down the center button during playback, you should have 2 options  Playlist and Playlist Catalogue

Playlist allows you to manipulate the current “dynamic playlist”. 

You can view current playlist

Search in playlist

Save it as “permanent” playlist

Reshuffle the play list.  (especially helpful if you want to change the order but not necessarly have to change your player into a global “shuffle mode”.) 

Playlist Catalogue:  This allows you to two options:

1.  Add to playlist.  This allows you to add the contents of the current “dynamic playlist” to an existing playlist

2.  Add to New Playlist:  This allows you to save the dynamic playlist as a new playlist. (same function as above)

You can more fully edit playlists from the Playlists section of Rockbo

You can’t remove an item from the dynamic playlist, when you choose to play a different album or artist, or whatever, the current playlist is replaced by the new dynamic playlist.

The Rockbox playlist function is not as “simple” as standard firmware, but much more full featured.  In a short time I have been able to create playlists of all my live albums, all the studio albums of a favorite artist, or even similarly themed albums very easily on the player itself.  I don’t need media monkey or any other playlist editor. 

Once you start using the playlist editor, you will not know how you lived without it.  The hardest thing is using the “virtual keyboard” to save the file names…