any news on replaygain

The subject says it all: Are there any news on replaygain for the clip?

Some time ago there where some posts, that it is beeing considered by sansa. What is the current status?


It’s been implemented in the latest Fuze FW, so I’m guessing it will make it to the Clip soon.  I haven’t seen any official word, but they tend to maintain parity between the Clip and Fuze with these kind of enhancements.

Okay 2009 nearly over and still no ReplayGain for Clip? :cry: Any News?

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It’s in the new Clip+'s firmware.  SanDisk has not said if it will be bringing that and the other Clip+ firmware advances to the Clip (requests as to this–getting info.–have been made).

Im sure there will be new release firmware for the clip :wink: