Any Else's New Clip Sport Plus Come With Music & Audiobook Files Already Installed?

I purchased a Clip Sport Plus today at Best Buy & it came with some media files already installed.  There are 8 random songs & 6 podcasts & the file date for all of them is February 2015 which is obviously long before the Clip Sport Plus’ were available.  Do they all come with those files pre-installed?  If not then I’d have to assume someone purchased this & returned it which doesn’t make me very happy since it should be brand new.

I bought a few Clip Sports during 2015-2016. They were all in sealed packages from Best Buy and Meijers.

Each device had an assortment of pre-installed audio files as you described.

I decided this must be the standard practice for recent audio players from SanDisk. 

One or more of these files may be amusing to you. They are easy to delete !!

Thank you for the reply.  I already deleted them, I was just curious if this was normal. 

Yes, ALL Sansa mp3 players come with sample music & podcast files pre-installed. They’re for that “instant gratification” reward when you first open it up.  :smiley:

yes. mine did. on the topic of the songs, do you know which songs were on it? i have been searching the interent for a specific song i had on it, i assume on all the mp3 players. it was stolen by a close friends sister, who then deleted the songs on it. i still want to find it. if you know the songs on it, pls let me know. it was a country song. i believe about love. the albumn image was a boy with short  brown hair, and i believe the backgrund color was yellow

do you know the songs on them? i replied to them asking if they knew but i heard they deleted them. tehre was a song i locved, but it was a year ago when i got  it and a friend stole it and reset the songs. im very upset and desperate to find the song.

Mine came with the following Songs:

01 - Michael McEachern - Easier As Us
Get It Right
Hold On
Reducto Ad Absurdum


But if I connect my Clip Sport via USB it will not show those tunes in Win 7 Explorer.

I do see all of the music I updoaded to the Clip Sport.

I don’t see the pre-loaded MP3’s.

Is it a copyright thing that won’t alolow me to see them so I can’t transfer to my desktop computer?

If so, is there a way to buy the tune?

So many questions, so little time!

My apologies if I’m overstepping the thread but it’s driving me crazy that I can’t move one to my PC.

No problems what so ever to view, copy, play, and then finally delete the pre-loaded MP3’s from their new and most temporary location on a Win10 pc.

I seriously doubt that it is a copyright thing, why spread some sample tunes as a little treat if don’t won’t them copied in the first place?

I suggest You try to view them(as files) from another pc.