Any chance of fixing your not very good AAC decoder?


I have a bunch of m4a files which i downloaded from tubemate which dont play well actually the really short like 10 second ones will but the 3,4,5 minutes will not, bit rate is actually 125KBPS although the player shows them as this strange values for the ones that wont play 

I know i could encode in mp3 but you really should iron out these problems. Rockbox will play them fine so i know the music is OK

If you want AAC(only non protected files) to work well, then install Rockbox on your Clip Zip. Rockbox is a free alternative firmware(operating system) for the Clip Zip which gives many more features and settings, and for example many choices of what is displayed on the screen and how it is displayed. I have Rockbox on my Clip Zip and Clip+. Installing Rockbox on a player though might make it permanently unable to play protected files, so if you use protected files(I don’t) then don’t install Rockbox. Rockbox is dual boot system. after Rockbox is installed, one can still boot up the player to the original firmware(by holding down the left button when turning on the player).

Thanks for the reply, Rockbox is good but i find the interface isnt really suited to the small screen of this device.

I cant be the only person who has asked for this to be fixed lol…

While I agree that Rockbox should not be the solution, note that the Rockbox on-screen display can be changed between many different alternatives, depending on the player.  See the Themes page at

Which Rockbox theme are you using? For my Clip Zip I use Runner 96x96 theme. it is large white letters on a black background. There is also Slickzip and other similar themes. If you think the Clip Zip screen is small, look at the screen on the Clip+. My Clip+ is also Rockboxed.

Thanks for your replies lads.

I did try a couple of rockbox themes before i wrote the idea off, there is a few cool things it does but for the most part i just found it a little to feature rich.

I love the simplicity/layout of the stock firmware just a shame they wont fix the niggles with it!