Another suggestion for the upcoming firmware on the fuze!

This might be hard but really love it if you could include this is the next firmware or the later ones.

My suggestion is to have a custom wallpaper on the fuze!




You started a brand new thread for that?

Next time, please just add to the thread you started before, called "Suggestion for the upcoming firmware for the FUZE! ", or you could even have put it in the other thread you started before, called "Really Important suggestion for the next firmware!!! ".


Im really really sorry!!!

Ill do as you suggested next time.

My apologies.


While having custom wallpaper would be a nice feature, somehow I doubt that it’ll be a top priority for Sandisk.

Now, being able to reorganize the music menu list or having the options for playlist, audiobooks, recordings, podcasts, and my top rated moved to the top of the list below the option recently added – now THAT should be one of their top priorities!!! :wink:

Yeah seriously, put all your suggestions in one topic and stop making a new one every time you have something to do.

Also, there is a search function to these forums so you can check if some of your suggestions have already been brought up by other forum members.

This idea of custom wallpaper has been mentioned multiple times.  It has been met by mixed opinions and probably isn’t a big priority for SanDisk.  Also note that given the current user interface of the Fuze, having an image in the background probably wouldn’t look the best.