Another One Bites The Dust!

Wow . . . that brings the total up to 6 now in the past couple of weeks!

Karl Malden, veteren Acadamy Award actor died at age 97. :cry:

A long & fruitful life! Probably best remembered for his American Express TV commercials, ( “Don’t leave home without it” ) and his role co-starring with a very young Michael Douglas in the TV series, “Streets Of San Francisco”, Karl also had over 50 big screen films to his credit as well. A **bleep** fine actor! Just saw him in “The Cincinnati Kid” with Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, Ann Margaret, Tuesday Weld & Joan Blondell a couple of days ago. I can’t even remember all the great films he was in that I’ve seen, but there have been many. “Birdman Of Alcatraz”, “Patton”, “On the Waterfront”, A Streetcar Named Desire", “How The West Was Won”, “Baby Doll”; the list goes on & on.

A good sense of humor too . . . He was quoted as saying, “This nose ought to qualify me for handicapped parking.” :smileyvery-happy:


Karl Malden 1912 - 2009