Another (last resort) brick fix

I had not used by Sansa Express for a week or so and went to turn it on – nothing.   No reaction when inserted into the USB slot.  Tried all the switch plays. 

Note I was not aware of the ‘Hold volume (-) key when you plug into the USB slot’ trick – that may have worked.

What I wound up doing was ‘last resort’ – I removed the two screws in the USB end and pried up the black bezel from the USB end.  The entire black bezel snaps off.

(While doing this it pulled the ribbon cable from the black bezel out of its connector in the mother board.  Easy enough to fix – make sure the black flap/lever on the connector is ‘up’ (vertical) and  slide the ribbon cable back in from the side of the connector, then press the black flap/lever down again. )

I checked the battery voltage where red and black wires are soldered to the board – looked fine at 3.7 V.  

Then I reset the chip the old fashioned, brute force way – held a piece of wire to the solder connection for the black ground wire from the battery and dragged the other end over all of the pins on each side of the large IC chip.   

Put it back together and it worked again. 

My unit is almos a year old so I figured no warranty and this last-resort attempt was better than just throwing it away…